Sometimes its the simple, easy things that can make any day great.

Today for lunch instead of going out, we decided to cook at home.

Today's lunch consists of Ravioli with Vodka Pasta Sauce.

All you need for this is 3 simple ingredients:
1 bag of frozen ravioli (you can get cheese or beef ravioli)
1 Can of Vodka Pasta Sauce (any brand will do)
Parmesan Cheese (Use Desired Amount, or none at all)

This is the easiest dish you will ever cook. 
Cook the ravioli according to the package and then add the sauce and heat it all together and top with cheese. 

You can do different things with this though:
1. You can boil the ravioli and top with the sauce
2. You can bake the ravioli (after boiling it) and layer it with sauce in a baking dish (like lasagna)
3. You can cook it on low all day in the sauce in a crockpot
4. You can add chicken or any type of meat to the dish
5. You can switch up the type of sauce and cheese you put on it. 
With this extremely easy meal you can do a lot of different things to satisfy any crowd!!


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